About Anton de Flon Photography

Communicating a sense of wonder about the natural world and eliciting an emotional response from the viewer are my main goals as a photographer and as an outdoors enthusiast.  When making images of landscapes, I like to evoke a sense of place, a feeling of what it was like to personally experience the location.  On a deeper level, successful images can connect with the transcendent qualities of nature, ultimately awaking the subconscious or even spiritual forces that animate our impressions and spark our imaginations. 
Although it can be argued that all photography involves interpretation as soon as we choose our light, composition and point of view, I prefer nature photography that has a firm grounding in reality.  Digital post processing is directed at correcting the original capture to portray what I want to communicate about the subject matter, without resorting to exaggeration of colors or shadow details simply leading to cartoonish short-term visual impact.